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Just last month I was invited to try that I have always been interested in, Pole Dancing. I don’t usually go around telling people how obsessed I am into pole dancing (and Anna Akana) because not many people actually like the idea. A lot of people associate pole dancing as something slutty and related to sexual contexts.

I beg to differ. Even before trying pole I have always thought pole dancing look very elegant, graceful and beautiful. After trying it out myself, my respect for pole dancers swelled.

I was invited by Madeline from Nuffnang to Studio Sands for an ONE TIME beginner session. Studio Sands is a cosy boutique dance pole dance studio focusing on fitness as well as pole dancing as an art form. It is both dance choreography and fitness. The studio looked smaller than other typical dance studios. It has only 6-8 poles I think? Their poles are spinning poles which came off as a surprise to me because I always assume those poles are stationary. But later I learned from one of my blogger friends, Tracy, that there are two types of poles, static and spinning. Spinning poles are said to be harder because you must be real careful not to get throw out and requires more efforts.

The instructors were very helpful (and pretty). They believe that everyone starts at ground zero, whether you are fit or not. I was skeptical of going up the pole at first. Because ONE, I have zero core muscles. TWO, stepping out of my comfort zone is something I am still learning, and take me forever to do it. THREE, self-confident for I was afraid that I would make a fool out of myself.


The instructor, Sandra (I think was her name), encouraged us a lot, giving us a lot of compliments. She started off with some warm-ups, which I suck at because I ended up pulling nerves here and there. I felt I was too old for anything at that point. (Probably because I’ve NEVER exercise, unless you count online shopping.)

Then she taught us some pole basic, like walking around the pole the proper (and elegant) manner, and some other super basic spins like the fireman spin. The hardest spin for me was the one where we have to use our LEFT thigh to support and hold onto the pole. Who uses their left thigh anyway? You are supposed to use the back of your left knee to grab the pole into a spin and lift your right leg up. I couldn’t even use my left thigh to support. I was THAT weak.

I tried so hard without core muscles to get both feet up the ground.

After learning some spins (which I kept forgetting), the instructor mashed the spins we learned into a piece and we danced off to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. The worse part was not forgetting the steps, but the hand and leg coordination. I have this problem that I cannot move both my hands and legs at the same time and I looked pretty stupid trying to do that. Not elegant at all.

After this session I am, still, very tempted to join their basic pole learning classes. If you are interested to join, maybe you can make me know we can go learn together!

We end the session with the instructors dancing to Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud.


Quote ‘Beginnersdisc’ to enjoy a 4-week Beginner 1 Course (worth S$120) at S$40, where through a simple routine you will learn basic pole spins, how to efficiently climb and sit on the pole along with the rhythm of a song.

Quote ‘NuffnangSS’ to enjoy S$30 off on a full 8-week term for ALL other levels (worth S$240). This is valid till December 2015, so hurry up and start learning if you are interested!


Pole Dancing has always been an interest for me as it helps to boost self-confidence (self improvement is always the first in my mind), helps to build core muscles (good to prepare yourself in zombie apocalypse), and gives you flat stomach (for vain people like me).  

23 Kampong Bahru Road
#02-02 Singapore 169349
(Outram MRT Exit G)
+65 84522192/+65 82331723

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  4. Hihi may I know if you are still taking up pole dance classes at studio sands?

    1. Hi Chermin! I signed up their beginner classes and coming Sunday is my 4th lesson. :)

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