Beauty Review: Essential Essential Light Finish Volumizing & Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo & Conditioner

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Hey you! Another round of beauty review today. Truth to be told, I have always been using Essential shampoo and conditioner for many years. They changed their product packaging awhile back and Sample Store sent me a few to try. 

I stopped using Essential shampoo awhile back because I was facing some hair loss problem and found it too strong for me. But it was because it was so strong that I continued their conditioner. 

I have been switching between both the yellow and blue packaging shampoo, and I personally liked the blue one. Maybe because I like Blue, and it smelled better. The yellow one has a slightly lesser scent. 

But recently I'm facing hair loss again after doing the Blue one for quite a bit. It might also be my diet because I fell sick recently as well. It kinda leaves my hair too dry but it also means it cleaned off very well. (I could go a few days without my hair hehe.) Don't judge. Girls don't wash their hair every day. No wonder it's called Deep Cleansing Care, because it really washes off everything. I could feel like my scalp has been cleanse too cleanly. 

As for their conditioners, they have always been my favorites. It leaves me with tangle free hair and my hair ends don't looked as damage as compared to my lazy days where I just heck care conditioner. 

Anyways, shampoos are kinda very personal IMO, you gotta buy and try if it suits you and your scalp. I always switch around because I heard from people here and there saying we should do that, I have absolutely no idea why. If you know, please enlighten me. 

It's green light for me, especially their conditioners anyway. 


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