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Well hello there readers. Are you a gadget geek? Do you love music? I wouldn’t say I am a gadget geek, but I sure love music. Like, I don’t think I would ever survive without music. So just a while ago, I was invited by Alvin to join a product preview presentation by IMS Marketing over at Royal Plaza @ Scotts.

IMS Marketing is Singapore distributor of leading audio brands, like JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. When I got there, the presentation already started, but I managed to get most of other information from the 3 speakers.


For me, I have always like JBL speakers. Maybe it’s because the main speakers in my house are all JBL. My dad used to love JBL a lot, and we got the entire set of speakers and shit from JBL. My house is literally like a theater, with amplifier and shit. We have these speakers for maybe about 15 years or so? JBL speakers are quite powerful IMO. Of course I know there are much better speakers from other brands, but for a person who just want to use it to make her house feel like a theater, I think JBL speakers are pretty much that. Maybe it’s because my first Lenovo laptop has JBL speakers as well. Seriously mad love my first laptop. I used to bring it to school to do projects, and whenever other team guys tried to play annoying music, I’d just cover over them with my speakers. My current lenovo laptop has JBL speakers as well.

IMG_5589 IMG_5587
Anyways, before I get distracted by my new and beautiful laptop, I should get on with my initial topic. The presentation went on about individual brand and their new products.

I really like how one of the speakers, Andy, introduced JBL Charge 2+(S$279). It is a portable bluetooth speaker, which is super powerful. Andy played some songs and it easily filled the entire room, and mind you the room wasn’t that small. There were a total of 40 bloggers or so, and with the IMS Team as well.

Plus Andy poured a glass of water at the side of the speaker, creating a nice effect as the water jumped on the speaker due to the vibrations. It is an impression speaker, good for poolside parties. Most importantly, it provides up to 12 hours of playtime and can charge all your devices. That’s why it’s called a Charge 2+, isn’t it? It also comes with a built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone. It can also connect up to 3 music sources so you and your friends can take turns to select music. It states that it’s portable, which is true. It only weighs 600g. It comes in different colors too. My favorite has gotta be the hot pink one.


The JBL Purse (S$329) was very interesting too. It has multiple LED color lights, which looks super awesome when you throw a sleepover or house party. Or you can simply put on some nice songs to sleep. With LED-pulsed rhythms, it’s great with anything.


The JBL Flip (S$179) is a contact portable speaker. The sound is great effective as well. Of course the Charge 2+ is better, but if you and your friends have Flip 2, you can connect to each other and play the same song together. It links them together and you can place it at different corner of your party and it’d look like you have some great awesome speakers, but it’s just merely a portable speaker. It’s so great to just think about how a portable speaker can produce loud songs, maybe louder than most older speakers. Technology is so awesome, isn’t it?

Besides introducing us about JBL gadgets, the speakers also introduced us to AKG’s N90Q(S2,199), which is a beautifully designed gold headphone. Its features are so amazing like you’ve gotta own this beauty. Gold and black make great combination. It comes in TruNote technology, has tone control that allows full control of sound  adjustment. It also has stage control, USB and HD audio and built-in DAC. It weighs around 460g.

IMG_5609 IMG_5611

Lastly, the speakers introduced to us Esquire Mini (S$229) from Harman Kardon. It’s ultra thin and weighs 238g, very easy to bring out to anywhere. It has a very simple design which is suitable for any occasion, with rechargeable battery with 8-hour playtime & USB for charging external devices. It also has dual-microphone conferencing system with echo and noise cancellation technology.

You should totally check them out. They described that each brand has their own so-called target audience, so you should check all out and see which appeals best to you.

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  1. I have to admit that when I was young I was a huge music lover. But at this times I had only a vinyl player and a cassette tape deck :) I see it changed a lot ... I should really hear again more often music!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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