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Well hello there. Thanks for sticking around while I was gone. I know I have not been writing for the entire month. If you have missed my previous post, I’ll just save you the clicking trip. My previous laptop has passed away, sadly. Along with my Photoshop, years of files, music, documents and photos. Yes, it was my fault for not having any back up when I already predicted its death was near. Thanks to my procrastinate nature, I kept pushing back the plans of backing up. I just bought my new baby, and I’m still in the midst of setting up. But I know I have a lot of posts due, hence here I am. 

Last month, I was invited to Cafe Insadong for a little dessert and look-see with few other female bloggers. Cafe Insadong is, obviously, a Korean-theme cafe where they served Korean desserts (Patbingsu). 

I was glad the place was quite easy to locate, and it was near my workplace. The cafe was humbly small, and cosy. It so happened that that day was quite crowded, and the ambience was off, little noisy but bearable. Usually whenever I walked pass Cafe Insadong to Maxwell for lunch they don’t look too crowded. The staff were very friendly as well. I managed to get a little chat with the lady boss and she shared with me about her ideas and vision. But we'll save that for later, on board with the food dishes first. 


The first four dishes were Patbingsu ice (Korean shaved ice). They were made up of different flavored milk-based ice. 

The Red Bean & Sweet Potato Patbingsu (S$10.80) was filled with Red Bean Mochi and in-house made Sweet Potato topped with Vanilla ice cream. For this, I don’t really taste much red bean, but more on the sweet potato instead. It was decent, but I’d pick the second dish than this. 

Coconut Patbingsu (S$10.80) was filled with Sea Coconut, Red Bean and Red Bean Mochi, topped with Coconut ice cream. I prefer this over the first dish for it tasted so much richer. I could taste more red bean in this dish compared to the first dish, which was odd because this dish has everything in coconut. Strangely the coconut did not cover up the red bean. 


Matcha Patbingsu (S$11.80) was filled with Red Bean, Green Tea Mochi and topped with Green Tea ice cream. Slightly more pricy compared to the previous two Patbingsu. But it did not impress me. As much as the ongoing hype with Matcha, I did not find it any special. When it first arrived on our table, a lot of the female bloggers were crazy about it, with sudden hype and chit chat about Matcha. But it just did not appeal to me. I’ve always think Matcha was slightly way overrated, and more suitable for the basic people. I guess I’m too hippy for my own good. Plus compared to the price, I rather just pay more for the fourth dish. 

IMG_9454 IMG_9451

Macchiato Patbingsu (S$12.80) was filled with Red Bean, Caramel Coffee Biscuit Crumbs, Brown Sugar Mochi, topped with Mocha ice cream and Chocolate and Coffee Biscuit. A shot of espresso at the side, you may add however you like. I’d say that was my favorite among the Patbingsu I tried. With all the extra efforts and ingredients and yet not overdoing it. I was just very disappointed that the Patbingsu was covered with the Espresso shot. Well, since it was up to us how much we would like to add, I say it made no decision for one not to order it. It was overloaded with Espresso because all the bloggers wanted to take photos while pouring the Espresso all over. Of course generally the food would get fucked up because of that. 

Next few dishes were my favorites. I kinda like Injeolmi Toast more than the Patbingsu. It is their in-house made Korean rice/ Injeolmi melted between bread. They offer both sweet and savory options. 

First was Injeolmi + Ice Cream ($7.80), which consists of Injeolmi Toast, Soy Powder, Chocolate Sauce, Choice of Ice Cream: Taro, Salted Caramel, Mango, Mocha, Coconut, Chocolate, Vanilla, Green Tea. We have the Salted Caramel that day that goes very well with the Injeolmi Toast. 

Next was Nutella + Ice Cream ($8.80), which consists of Injeolmi Toast, Nutella Spread, Chocolate Sauce, Choice of Ice Cream: Taro, Salted Caramel, Mango, Mocha, Coconut, Chocolate, Vanilla, Green Tea. Vanilla goes best with Nutella Toast or Chocolate for a full chocolatey dish.

IMG_9453 IMG_9449

Lastly was my most favorite, Bulgogi Beef Toast ($9.80), which consists of Injeolmi Toast with Bulgogi Beef and Kimchi. The savory toasts are their own creation and bulgogi beef injeolmi toast is their top-seller injeolmi toast here. It is rather filling and comes with a set together with a choice of Honey Tea that is imported from Korea, and a scoop of ice cream. 

All in all, the toasts are the best. The beef was salty which was refreshing after having to eat so many other sweet desserts. Ice Cream on toast was good, but I much prefer the Nutella version. 


As for their drinks, the Hot Chocolate was pretty normal, I wouldn’t order it again. But their Potato latte was nice and interesting. But sadly to say, it was definitely not something Insta-worthy. 

Now that we have got the food aside, let’s talk about the Cafe more. The lady boss shared with us that she was selling a Beauty Box, which consists of a full-length mirror, a personal dressing table with in-built lights, drawers and shelves. You can store your skincare, makeup and hair products in these drawers and shelves. There are in-built power sockets which allows you to curl or blow-dry your hair. 

I remember always doing my makeup with a small compact mirror I borrowed from my sister. If not I have got to stand in front of the mirror in my bathroom. With this full-length mirror, one can just bring over a chair to beauty yourself slowly. 

Good news, by quoting ‘AngelusxSmitten’ you can easily get Elegani Beauty Box at just $500/-. Or simply show this page or, again, quote ‘AngelusxSmitten’ to enjoy a 10% off total bill.


279 S Bridge Rd, 058828

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