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Well hello there, I’m back again. So I was invited to a food trail by Tampines 1 management with a few other bloggers on a lovely Sunday a few weeks ago. I was having a little panic attack as I barely knew anyone from my team, but somehow things just work out and I made a few friends. It was weird that I managed to make friends, for I have a quite antisocial personality.

We went to Thai Express Bistro first, and I was starving because I woke up late and skipped breakfast.


The first dish was Yam Mamuang, Thai Mango Salad, which was very appetizing.  As you know, this salad is also commonly served with raw papaya instead of raw mango, but overall the dish is always similar – fresh, juicy and bond to get your appetite going.

IMG_5621 IMG_5625 IMG_5627 IMG_5633 IMG_5622 IMG_5639 IMG_5643

Next came appetizers. We were served Kanom Pang Na Kung, also called Prawn Toasts, that was not too fishy, and not too oily either. Next I had mixed noodles which was mixed with seafood. Again the prawns here were quite fresh, and chewy – seafood seems to be pretty good at Thai Bistro Express. I also had their Prata Curry, which was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST. The curry was a unique blend of spices which gave it a totally original flavour. It was not too sweet or spicy, and the meat was so tender and blissfully easy to enjoy – no wonder it was voted 1st by CNN. This was followed by (yes, it was the first stop and they have made gluttons out of us) Chicken Basil Rice  served with fragrant mince, and Otah. The Otah was dynamite – great for all the fiery food junkies out there – and it had a whole prawn in it. As much as an Otah lover, it was too spicy for me to take more than few bites.

IMG_5616 IMG_5644

This fire was quenched by a  delicious Lime Rose Drink. While you might have the notion to order the famed  Thai Milk Tea that everyone told you to order, I humbly suggest you give this little gem a try – you won’t regret it. Lastly, I had Lod Chong which was a dessert that many mistook as chendol.  


Next, we went Yamazaki and they gave us some bread that was nicely packed in a plastic bag.


Then we went to Awfully Chocolate, which they gave us three small boxes of chocolates. I haven’t tried them as yet, but few are unaware of this home-grown chocolate sensation. I expect great things when I open a box tonight.

IMG_5655 IMG_5656 IMG_5659 IMG_5663

After that, we went J Co. They served us donuts and drinks, but we were too full from Thai Express Bistro that we did not eat the donuts, but we took the packed ones instead. I really like their White Mocha Latte (which is a drink and not a donut flavour, unfortunately) as it had a strong coffee taste. I also tried the chocolate donut and gave their new pink coconut donut to my mom, which she liked. The donuts were quite affordable – donut lovers and America Cops on vacation to Singapore might want to give this place a try

IMG_5664 IMG_5670 IMG_5674 IMG_5677 IMG_5680

Having to digest some of the food we’ve had earlier on, we headed to pepper lunch. I’m sure most of us have tried this, but for those who haven’t this one is for you. I ordered the Mango float while another blogger tried the strawberry float. I don’t really fancy the drink, for it tasted really unimpressive. I quickly moved on to a Giant Rib-eye Steak that was so tender and juicy – definitely recommended. And for those who haven’t tried Pepper Lunch for the fear of E. coli, fear not - the chef was friendly and showed us how to cook the meal. Currently there is a seasonal special – Seafood pepper Rice with Chili Crab sauce. I found the sauce not too spicy yet extremely flavourful. You might want to give this dish a try before the season ends end August.

IMG_5685 IMG_5709 IMG_5711

After this ordeal we waddled over to Milk Cow, where I had a Macaroon (Macau Dream) serve. I would definitely recommend this, though the Cotton Candy serve will definitely command the attention of the Instagrammers.


Finally we were led to our last stop, Yummy House. Yummy House is another home-grown company selling organic food. I tried the honey drink and bird’s nest drink. The honey tasted funny, probably because it was wild honey. However the bird’s nest drink was nice.

All in all, Tampines 1 is the place that caters to everyone’s needs. Teenagers can go over to grab quick lunch at Pepper Lunch and head to Milk Cow, while adults with family can dine at Thai Express Bistro and head over to Yummy House to grab some bird’s nest drink.

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