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Hello loves! I was watching Little Mix’s Love Me like You MV and I was so in love with their high school prom theme. I love Jade’s dress best, despite long she managed to bring out the cute and fun in it. I love hers the best also mainly because hers was more prom-like compared to other girls.

Thus I went onto Pickedresses and found some long prom dresses

I was unable to find Jade’s dress here, but I found something similar to hers in terms of the fluffy bottom. This Ball Gown Sweetheart Floor-length TulleSequins Prom Dresses is not only cute, but it gives off a more elegant look compared to Jade’s.

I prefer more elegant look compared to funky ones, although my personality probably calls for more fun and cute ones instead. 

This A-line Scoop Neck Chiffon Tulle Floor-length Beading Prom Dresses gives off a very elegant look. However, some may say it looked a little more like wedding events more than prom. I checked and realized they offered in many other colours too. So many opting for silver or black would be a better choice. The high cut allows you to show off your legs and brings attention to your choice of heels. Most long dresses tend to cover the heels and it is such a shame, isn’t it?

This A-line Straps Ankle-length Chiffon Beading Prom Dresses not only caught my attention because it was on flash sales, but also because it reminded me of a certain celebrity would totally wear it. I was thinking maybe Taylor Swift would wear this… But suddenly Nina Dobev appeared in my mind.  I don’t remember seeing her wearing this, but oddly feels like it is something her character in The Vampire Diaries would wear, or for a promo photoshoot? Maybe it’s just this model, she gave the very Nina Dobev feel to it. I really like the back design, it is not overly revealing like a bareback but it still shows skin.

So do you like wearing long prom dresses or short dresses? 

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