Advertorial: Shop For Short Prom Dresses At Pickedresses

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Hello loves! Recently my secondary school just contacted the Alumni to return to school to collect our time capsule. I’ve must long forgotten about this time capsule, because clearly I have no memories of writing anything. But I vaguely remembered placing it outside of the school hall or something.

Thinking of old times and about school made me have that little urge to go stalk some of my school mates prom photos. As some of you may know, I have never attended prom in my entire life, so I was saved from the embarrassment and shame of bad makeups and horrible fashion.

No hate, my best friend and I used to laugh at some photos and insisted that some fashion were so horrible that it made them looked old. ‘Old’ isn’t really a compliment here for a 16 years old teenager.

I was browsing Pickedresses and found a few gorgeous short prom dresses

This A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Chiffon Rhinestone Prom Dresses is so adorable. I know many girls like sparkly prom dresses, but I opt for those simplicity ones. For this dress, it looked low-key but still has the sparkles around the waist area. They have it in black or royal blue as well, but I think a pastel colour is more likely to grab attention as most girls will opt for ‘safe’ colors.

This A-line One Shoulder Short/Mini Tulle Appliques Prom Dresses caught my attention as well. It is not sparkly for all those girls who prefer a low profile yet still want to doll up for prom. The prints are very cute and uniquely placed at the side of the dress. But I love the back most, the prints connect all the way to the back and end with a bow. This look is super young and fun, great for teenage girls for proms.

So did you enjoy your prom? Or are you facing crisis looking for the perfect dress? Let me know! 

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