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Hello November. Hello autumn. Hello to those who still read my humble space. I’d apologize for not writing, but I guess I won’t. I was facing some kind of writer’s block and lack of confidence in terms of fear of not writing at least decent articles. I received some bad remarks from a friend’s friend saying my writing was horrible, which was quite hurtful. I guess I knew my writing was never that well to begin with. However, now that I am here it means it doesn’t get to me as much as it did before. I told myself that it doesn’t matter if my writing is bad, I can always improve it. Why should I be upset over someone’s remarks- someone who probably only visited my blog once? Why should I give up something I have been doing because it is hard?

As the year is almost over, I hope to be able to achieve a few things for my blog. I hope I can catch up with the due posts I was supposed to write, Japan trip breakdown and create more content. I was thinking I should write up my Japan trip since I know there were quite a few people asking me about my budget and itinerary. It can be useful for anyone who wants to travel to Japan too.

I reorganized my blog and decluttered the space. I thought my previous template was too cluttered. With this new template, it looked less girly and more professional. I actually wanted to change my URL but I realized most of my readers are used to this link.

At This Moment | November

I will still be continuing this column to keep an update of what I’ve been doing. Do leave me some suggestions on what other contents you would like to see for this space. J

Focus – Ariana Grande, Hello – Adele, Stitches – Shawn Mendes, The Hills – The Weeknd, and Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld.
I have been listening to the top pop hits recently because I think recently the music has been quite decent.

Trying to register for a few things, and trying to create more content for this blog. No much plans on any other stuffs though.

I have been taking Pole recently and I have graduated my beginner course. Currently learning to invert better, cupid transitions and a new dance routine. Other than Pole, I have been playing a lot of Dota recently. I guess that’s why I didn’t write as much as I used to. Learning to not suck at playing games as much as before. My Asian mom forbids me to game, so when I was younger I used to play at LAN shops instead. I never really commit to playing any game for long since I was always broke and no money for LAN shops. She still very much disapproves of me gaming, but I am paying for my own Wifi and I got my own gaming laptop.

I think I am hooked to this first world problem- wanting to travel but not rich enough to do so. I am dying to get out of Singapore and explore the world. My mom said I was quite ambitious because my first trip overseas was so far. Instead of Malaysia or somewhere cheaper and nearer, I went Japan. Honestly I don’t mind Japan that expensive compared to Singapore. Not sure why people always tell me Japan is darn expensive. Maybe compared to other ASEAN countries, but not Singapore.

I will end my post here. I hope if you are still reading my posts, you will continue to support me, a few new posts will be out soon.


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  1. I wish you by all my heart your wishes to travel come true! And I can really imagine you are ambitious enough that you will reach this much sooner than expected! So sorry you are so busy but I think learning is this definitely worth.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I love your blog layout! We're all working hard towards something better. All the best with your blog achievements before the year ends! :) x