#BLOGMEETSG Pure Yoga Session with Bloggers

by - 9:56 AM


Lucy from Lulabelle invited me along with a lot of other bloggers to this exclusive Yoga session at Pure Yoga. I learned a lot about Yoga from this session. I learned that those simple poses looked way harder than it seems. I could feel my bones cracking nonstop at the start of the session.

Somehow I feel like yoga is something anyone can join, but not everyone can relax while doing yoga. I was out of breath most of the time, and I guess I wanted to do it right so I focused on perfecting the poses instead of relaxing. But it helped me with my breathing. I didn't have a chance to talk much about it because I flew to Tokyo and came back with a lot of work on my lap. Having a terrible laptop worsen the situation as well.

I was given a peppermint essential oil. Apparently it is really effective in curing most small problems like headache and sinus. You can rub on temples to relieve headache, make into peppermint tea to help indigestion and soothe the tummy. You can always inhale when feeling dizzy or nauseous. Diffuse peppermint to improve focus and concentration. Or you can place one drop into hot water, inhale to relieve sinus and headache. Seems like peppermint is so useful, I never knew that. I used to think by drinking peppermint tea would simply help with the tummy. Knowledge increases!







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