Cafe Hopping: The Tiramisu Hero

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The other day I went down to Horne Road looking for a certain café, but was drawn to a Cat wearing Zoro mask and a Lenny face. It had to be good. Abandoning my quest for the café I was looking for, I settled for The Tiramisu Hero.


I was greeted by the staff and the myriad of warm orange lights, wooden furnishings and images of The Tiramisu Hero in various feline poses which made for a cosy yet fun ambiance. There were no real cats though.


First up was their Hot Chocolate. Rich and thick, and with a handful of nibble-size marshmallow thrown in. It’s everything you’d expect to get from a hot chocolate.


Next up was potato truffle puffs which was basically little fluffy harsh browns (or tater tots) tossed in truffle oil, served with a tangy dip akin to home-made Thousand Island dressing. Absolutely delicious when hot, this is a must try for truffle lovers. My only peeve that I found the puffs a little too oily, and I don’t think it was because of the truffle oil. A necessary evil, I suppose.


For mains was the Pasta with Truffle and Sage. I found the truffle and sage quite subtle, maybe due to the starter. The noodle was a thick, wavy fettuccine done al Dante and served with a heavy mushroom and cream carbonara – quite filling.


Lastly I had a Muddy Dirt Pot, hark back to my now dead mint plant – the resemblance was uncanny. After the Instagram moment with the mint I proceeded to uproot it and eat the dessert. Okay, premium chocolate ice cream and crushed Oreo biscuit is no mystery to most of us, but the muddy dirt pot is a really cute concept.


On the way out I picked up a jar of their namesake dessert.

Would I recommend a visit to this cute little cafe? Definitely yes. The food, though a little pricy, is of undeniable standard and there is a selection of novelty items on sale that would also make great gifts. Even if it's just for a cup of coffee, the cute decor of the cafe (even the al fresco is terribly well done) will put a smile on your face


Customer service: 8/10
Ambiance: 10/10 until the office people came.
Accessibility: drive can park at the car park next to the stadium. A stone throw away from lavender station.
Work space: quiet enough to do your work unless a group of people come in. 

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  1. I already like the name of this cafe so much! And the food they offer looks extremely yummy. In fact so yummy that my mounth is watering now although I just had dinner :) Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena