Food Tasting: Breeks Christmas Set

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A typical Thursday I woke up when the sun has been up for ages. But not so typical note, I was invited by Tiffany to Breeks for a food tasting session with two other bloggers. Greeted by these lovely ladies, I quickly get to know them while the food is still in the making. The ladies were lovely, and we chatted like old pals. It was strange to me as I am not someone good at small talks and mingles, but I was comfortable with them. We were trying their Christmas set, and it did not disappoint.

First up was their warm mushroom soup- as their soup of the day. I did not expect much from mushroom soup as it seems so 'typical' in most western dining places. But Tiffany explained that their mushroom soup was made from scratch, providing a pot for a day- hence, soup of the day. I then discovered that the typical mushroom soup has 2 types, the thick but super salty type and the super diluted type. The soup I drank was not salty, but still thick.

Up next was their Roasted Turkey (SGD$21.90), filled with cajun fries, greens and mushrooms. First bite I realized that the turkey was not as tough as I thought. Maybe because I have tried tougher turkey and I understand turkey meat tend to be tougher compared to chicken. My family celebrated Christmas last year and my mom really dislike turkey meat. She'd pick chicken over turkey any day.

I say the cranberry sauce is a must if you don't fancy turkey meat yet still want to join the festive season. Their cranberry jam is thick, tasted more like tomato sauce at first. It was not too sour and not liquidity at all.

Then came the Seafood Platter- filled with River prawns, mussels, fish bits, clams and many more. (SGD$27.80) If you love seafood, then this is your dish. Nothing can go wrong with a seafood platter.

Last served the dessert, brownies with salted caramel. I really like the salted caramel as the sea salt lingered in my mouth and mixed with the brownies. It was just sad that I finished it so soon.

I really like their Christmas dishes and it is only available from 16th Dec to 3rd Jan 2016. You can visit them at either of their two outlets at City Square Mall or Ngee Ann City. Breeks is a halal brand, so it caters to everybody.

Thanks Breeks and Tiffany for the invitation!

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