Ad: Shopping comes cheaper with Voucher Codes

by - 1:06 AM

I get it. Sometimes we just want to eat different things other than fast food. I always try to avoid fast food at all costs. But one thing about me is that I don’t count pizza as fast food. Hence whenever I got hungry, I would quick dial Dominos to satisfy my hunger. That’s me, I’m easy to handle when I’m hungry. Just bring me food.

However my mom is a real issue on other hand. Just yesterday she told me she did not cook lunch and so I suggested we order something to eat. She was quick to reject all fried food, which means no pizza and fried chickens whatsoever. I was at a spot because most deliveries offer fried food.

Thus I decided to check out Food Panda, a Singapore online food website. They offered Manhattan Fish Market, which I recalled my mom was quite interested in few months back. So I managed to get her grilled fish and pasta for myself. (Which I totally regretted because their pasta was not up to standard IMO)

Here’s the thing, deliveries are not cheap and my mom would shit bricks if she knows how much it would costs. Although I’m not budget Barbie or someone that’s good at saving money, but it was good that I know VoucherCodes as they helped us cut down the cost. Right now VoucherCodes has codes for CNY 20% off for all orders, so I think it’s quite worth it. There are more discount codes available on their site as well.

VoucherCodes offers many discount coupons for consumers and it’s amazing as they offer codes not only from Food Panda, but also from Rakuten, where you can satisfy your Japan shopping online. For Rakuten discount, one of them is for the Shizuoka products you purchase you can get flat 45% off on all items.

I think this is perfect for everyone, unless you have too much money to spend. I will be focusing and using more of their codes for Food Panda because I’m always hungry.

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