Domino's Pizza 50% Discount From 7 Jan 2016 to 7 Feb 2016! Promo Code: TIN22A and TIN22B

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Great news welcome all of us in 2016. I collaborated with TIN x Domino's Pizza recently for their latest promotion. I was invited over to TIN office for a pizza party, and honestly, how can anyone say no to pizzas? I was never the fun one at parties instead I am always the one near the food, or at a corner of the room with my hands plate full of food. 

Back to the fun and exciting stuff, I collaborated with them and brought good news to all my readers. From 7 Jan to 7 Feb 2015, you get to enjoy 50% OFF for Domino's Pizza. (Large & Extra Large)

Let me do a simple calculation for you. For every 2 regular pizza you get them to deliver over to your place, it's $22. Why not just order 1 extra large pizza for $17.90? This is also awesome for parties where you simply gotta order a lot of pizza. With 50% off, you can cut down your costs, or double the pizzas. 

Enter my Promo Code: 
TIN22A - large pizza
TIN22B - extra large pizza

Remember that it is only available for a month, so start satisfying your cravings now. 

You're welcome! ;)

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