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I was recently introduced to Expressions and their wellness program. After getting to know more about Expressions, I was invited over for a consultation with Chloe at their Orchard branch. I know Expressions wellness looked into slimming juice and body toning, however I was already considered slim to most people thus having me going through a program like that just doesn't feel right. 

I was invited to join their latest ambassador team along with many familiar blogger friends. Most other bloggers were introduced to their Wheat Bran & Psyllium Capsules and Slim Juice which they said were quite effective.

But for me, it just doesn't feel right. I bet most readers would already think I am darn slim and I always receive comments from people around me saying I'm slim. Hence I raise this concern to Joey who was liaising with me at that moment. She understood what I meant and booked me a consultation with the Orchard Branch. 

When I met Chloe, she laughed and agreed to my concerns. But she recommended me for their facial treatment. 

Their Messo Oxygen Therapy involves breathing 100% oxygen in a sealed chamber, a concentration that’s five times higher than the normal air we breathe. The comfortable high-pressure atmosphere in the chamber causes a super saturation of oxygen in the blood, plasma, and tissue fluids, so the body utilizes oxygen better, functions more efficiently, promotes healing, improves health and fitness as well as the blood’s ability to deliver oxygen to the skin.

It is like normal facial routine, cleanse and scrub, hot steam for easy pimple extraction, eyebrows trimming, oxygen therapy and face, neck and shoulder massage. I really dislike pimple extraction because it was darn painful but the massage was the best.

The Messo Oxygen Therapy gave me a little anxiety because I was not used to it. But it has many benefits so I was okay with it. 

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy:
  1. Accelerates the development of new skin cells
  2. Improves the supply of oxygen to skin cells
  3. Provides conditions to enhance collagen formation
  4. Reduces the appearance of redness, puffiness & irritation
  5. Removes free radicals that damage healthy cells and accelerate aging process
  6. Enhances wound healing
  7. Healing effects on burns and skin grafts
  8. Strengthens weak capillaries
  9. Boosts immune system
  10. Especially beneficial post-peel to hydrate and calm the side-effects of peeling procedures
Overall I find the facial very relaxing and I did not get any pimple breakouts after, which was my main concern because it was so near Chinese New Year.

Although I am not doing any slimming related reviews for Expressions but my readers can purchase any of their items with 15% off all products with the discount code: 'GIVEME15'. Just remember to include my name 'Angelus' in the comment page when you make a purchase. 

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