Sponsored Post: Office Buddy Sketchpad from Tee-Saurus

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I know I get a bit whiny and complaining about how 2016 has been a prick to me, but it's true. I fell sick 3 weeks ago and my cough has yet recover till date. I was unable to complete a lot of assignments and late for most stuff. With Chinese New Year extra long break I was still unable to fix my itchy and dry throat. But I guess I must continue my assignments, no one's gonna wait for me.

Tee-Saurus sent over their Office Buddy Sketchpad awhile back and I'm glad to put that in great use by hanging it out telling everyone that I'm darn busy because there are just so many things I need to deal with. 

Tee-Saurus is a fun and witty brand with apparels and their band is similar to Thesaurus which means they can house a wide selection of products. They are very creative in their artwork and their office buddy sketchpad is such a cute idea. When you are away for meeting and people are looking for you they will know why you are not at your desk, which means they won't bug you on office communicator or bug your colleagues. 

Tee-Saurus created Office Buddy to make office environment less stressful and working hours be fun with unexpected Singlish twist. The sketchpad include 40 new blank pages for you to get creative as well. You can draw or write something more relatable to your job as well. There are different variations available besides the Singlish version, like the Cantonese, Taiwanese and the Perfectly English ones. They are selling $15 per sketchpad. 

You can check them out here: Tee-Saurus Facebook / Instagram


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