Beauty: April Favorites

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I've never do monthly favorite because I just see no point in writing new products monthly. Maybe it's because I don't purchase new products every month. I mean I know most beauty bloggers does that but I never see myself doing that. I guess some of their products are sponsored as well, so they can have a bunch of products every month to rave about.

My recent obsession has been Kylie lip kit and nothing else. Kylie made me wake up at weird timing at night just to camp at her website and try to make a purchase. I was quite sad I didn't manage to get her other products on time, but her newest addition at that moment was still available, 22, so I grab it right away. 

The color of 22 is beautiful. It looked natural on my tan skin, the brush is fluffy and easy to apply. I have never own any liquid lip stick in my entire life and I can manage it well. I swear I'll camp for the next batch, I need more of the colors. I think it looked really nice, but maybe because I hardly wear makeup, I think it's too much to just apply for normal day use. I wouldn't wear it to work, or anywhere else unless I'm wearing a full on makeup. 

I was recommended by one of my pole mates that Hiruscar is a very powerful tool to get rid of acne. When I said powerful, I mean she told me the skin will dry up quickly and it shouldn't be used on normal non-acne skin. It was just nice my sister was away for business trip that I managed to get her to grab one for me in Thailand. Sadly, I've tried it, means I've pimple outbreak. But it worked like a charm.

After going for a facial treatment with Expressions, I got myself their facial set. A hydrating cleansing milk, hydrating floral fresh toner and 24 hour hydrating moisturizer. Among these 3 products, I love the hydrating toner best. I don't know why, but the smell of the product is important to me. I've always been skeptical about many beauty products and I do not like any products that have too strong of chemical smell. It put me off so much and the fear inside makes me not want to try it. Yes, I'm the typical girl that goes around smelling at beauty products while I shop, ha. 

The hydrating cleansing milk has a creamy base to soothe and calm the skin. It said to contain almond and soya bean oil as well. I thought it was pretty cool, but I don't really like the smell. It doesn't smell like milk, and I think it might be the almond smell that put me off. I never like the smell of almond milk, and always gulp them down at one go. It said to have 100% fragrance-free so the smell must be from the ingredients put together. One thing good about fragrance-free products- people with sensitive skin are more willing to buy it. There are no added chemicals to make the product smell nicer.

The 24 hours hydrating moisturizer contains Rose Maroc which has an anti-aging effect, preventing wrinkles and erases the marks of fatigue. It also has whitening and brightening effect, which is something I was looking forward to. I realized after spending too much time out and about in Singapore, I get super tan. My face is twice darker than my neck, it's simply horrible.

It gives off a very clinical product smell, like those burnt medicine you apply and it recovered very quickly. After applying, I can feel the immediate cooling effect it has on my skin. It is slightly greasy, but for a thick concentration this product offers, it's good enough for me. 

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The hydrating floral fresh toner, like I said, was my favorite out of the three products. I love how it's very light on my face. I hate heavy products, I feel like my skin needs to breathe, so this product is definitely a yes for me. The scent is a major plus point for me. It smelled like fresh flowers and I love it. It regenerates dull and devitalized skin, prevent winkles and erase the marks of fatigue. It also softens the skin which is effective for dry and sensitive skin.

That's all for my April favorites. If I purchase or receive any new beauty products, I'll do a review again. 


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