XOXO: Website Updates

by - 11:39 PM

I have decided to do a little spring cleaning for my website. Not literally deleting everything although the urge was strong, but more like setting up some categories to make my future posts neater. I'm also actively searching for new blog template to switch to. I feel like as much as my current template is so much neater than before, there are still room for improvement. I opt for a more neater and minimalistic look.  

As said, I came up with a few categories to cater to all my random postings. So if you're keen to work with me, just drop me an email at angelus.officially@gmail.com and we can discuss about which category I can fit it into and collaborate even better than before. 

Besides changing up my website, I have also change my hair length. I went to J7 Image last month to chop off my long hair. 

I'll be updating this space, hopefully more often than before, so stay tune.


IMG_0583_edited_001 IMG_0579 IMG_0608_edited IMG_0617_edited

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