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It's been awhile since I last went for facial. I don't know about other girls, but my skin has always been sensitive and tiny dust particles seems to be able to get trap in my pores darn easily. I've to always go facial to get them all extract out or my skin will be super rough. *sad life*

I'm glad Bellezza Aesthetics contacted me for a facial treatment review. I was told that they just shifted from Tanjong Pagar to Orchard. Perfect location, way easier to access, at least it was for me. The entire place looked so elegant and beautifully designed. It has such a elegant feel to it, with chandelier hanging, soft warm lights and cozy sofa, definitely has the tranquility vibe to put customers at ease. 

I was quite surprised with the interior design as compared to other facial salons I've been to, Bellezza Aesthetics looked exceptionally posh. 

Similar to other salons, I was given a form to fill. Additionally, I was served with their tea and lotus biscuits. Seriously, lotus biscuits? Thumb up for those, I ate them up like a hungry man. I felt almost a princess, almost. Sitting on the cozy sofa, writing with a cute girly pen and served with food and drinks? That's really good.

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I was brought to the room and left to changed. I really took my time in this. They have a closet for you to keep your clothes and bag, locked with a key. They even place the towel and hanger so nicely on the bed. What is this? A hotel? Haha, that's so thoughtful. They were not pushy and just let me do my thing, slowly changed and took some pre-facial selfies on Snapchat as well. (Hint: AngelusChan)

IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0662 

I raised a couple of concerns to my beautician and was advised to go for their Skin Resurfacing Treatment. It was a 90 mins treatment, Apparently they use mineral sea salt for this treatment. I heard a lot of benefits on mineral sea salt so I was eager to try it. 

I was given a Oxy-Jet as well, which helps to fight aging, moisturize and hydrate the skin. Here are the benefits of Oxy-Jet:
  • Oxy Jet penetrate 98% pure oxygen to helps diminish breakout causing bacteria, while energizing, revitalizing and boosting skin clarity.
  • Oxygenates and energizes the skin for maximum glow.
  • Brightens skin tone and supports collagen maintenance.
  • Binds moisture for soft, supple, youthful skin.
The mineral sea salts help to exfoliate the outer layer of your skin, to remove the dust, dirt, blackheads, lines and winkles, and make your skin smoother. It also helps to give your face a nice radiant glow and heal your face. 

Before the treatment begin, my beautician, Sharon, used lavender oil to help relief my tension, and even provided me with extra pillow for my legs. The blanket is the real deal. The blanket is comfy and thick enough so I wouldn't feel cold. Normally at other places I usually request for another blanket or just deal with the cold. 


The treatment itself was quite relaxing. But it was so different, to describe- it felt like a vacuum, continuously sucking my skin.  My beautician told me some people might feel a slight pain doing this treatment. It depends on your pain tolerant level as well. I felt a little sting here and there but it was bearable. But I thought to myself, they were using sea salt, obviously it would hurt a little. Yes, no?


The gentle vacuum action provided an immediate lifting effect. Plus, this helps to brighten the skin to fairer skin texture and a new glowing radiance. I was quite amazed at the outcome. She did half of my face for comparison first before proceeding to the other half. I was super amazed at the results. Just by using the only source of light in the room directed on my skin, I could tell the difference. I guess I am quite tan, with dark circles around my eyes, so it was so obviously which part of my face was well done and which was left untouched.


Oh right, I didn't filter my photos (since they're supposed to be a true review), so you can tell I'm very much yellow. *So Asian*

After that she proceed to trim my sparely eyebrows, do a couple of extractions and apply a cold oxygen mask. As whitening may dry one's skin, applying oxygen mask helps to hydrate the skin. 

I also did a Silky Collagen Royal Hand Treatment, which include a short hand massage and hot mask that will slowly harden (super comfortable).

IMG_0671 IMG_0672

I was served with tea and lotus biscuit (yay) after the session before I left the salon. Overall, I feel like I was well taken care of, not just provide basic facial services, the team were very polite and made the entire place very relaxing and allow me to be a slow-poke. The tea and biscuits were a nice added service as well.


Bellezza Aesthetics

501 Orchard Road #04-13 Wheelock Place 
Singapore 238880
Tel: 6223 2533

For First time customers, 18 years old and above, there will be a trial promotion of just $38 for the Skin Resurfacing, which also comes with a skin analysis scan. 

Thanks for the invitation! (I hope I spelled the beautician's name correctly)

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