My First Time in Ikea?!

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I might sound a little crazy, but it's true. At least it was still a couple months back. I have never step foot in Ikea before, like ever. Despite having pass through it million times going to Tampines Mall to work or to hang out with friends, I have never been to Ikea. I have heard so many things about its delicious meatballs, and the rumors of horse meat. BB brought me to Ikea a couple months back and I have such a fun time in there. The place was huge and the food were delicious. I wouldn't mind going there just to have lunch. 


I have been to Giant, for sure. The first time to Giant was 8 years ago with my Secondary school mates to get some ingredients for our school carnival. I could only recalled going Ikea because they wanted to grab some hot dog buns.

One incredibly embarrassing story that I have not make any plans to return Ikea at least in my Secondary school life again, I feel like it's a funny story to share with you. 

I am sure you all know that you can purchase drinks from Ikea and in order to refill, you have to pay them $1 for every refill after your first drinks.

We have this particular female classmate (also was involved in our carnival project) who was, might still is, very 'money-minded' person, to put it in a nice term. She emptied her water bottle and sneaked up to the drinks dispenser and filled her bottle full of Coke. As if that was not embarrassing enough, she ran back to where we were standing/ eating, and started laughing loudly. Not giggling, but laughing hysterically. One of her friends joined in laughing and everyone looked at our direction. My BFF and I were quite embarrassed at such unwanted attention. Not wanting to be associate with bad rep, we hurried out of sight and out of Ikea while the girls followed behind, laughing. 

I thought it was such a shameful act and was afraid of visiting the place any time soon instead people recognize and associate me as one of the 'drinks thief'. But slowly after, I just didn't make any plans to go Ikea. My BFF usually goes there with her family and I don't really make plans to go Ikea with any of my other BFFs as well. 

Still, it was fun as I could finally explore Ikea and appreciate the furniture and all. I always think I don't need to be there because I don't own any houses or into these kind of stuff, but the food definitely makes me want to go back. Just waiting for another time BB brings me back to eat again! :D

IMG_1328 IMG_0308

By the way, I know I don't usually update this space, and hardly on Instagram as well. But I'm real active on Snapchat. That's the place for lazy people like me, where not much editing efforts goes into it and I love it. @AngelusChan


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  1. Hi! Did you change boyfriend again? What happened to the previous one? :)

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I ended my 2 yrs relationship with my previous one due to many complicated reasons. The previous rs was too toxic for me. I'm seeing someone new now.

  2. I also love Snapchat! I will follow you up there :) nice post though