Ad: Christmas is Coming!

by - 1:41 AM

Christmas is coming, I repeat, Christmas is coming! I am so excited, despite Singapore never snows. I love Christmas, there is something about Christmas carols, movies and the pretty fairy lights that draw me over. I love the dinner with family and friends, and I love secret Santa exchanging of presents. Plus, Decembers means the new year is coming too! I honestly can't wait for a new year. What about you?

I picked up this cute piece of dress from Dress Fashion awhile back that seems fit for these kind of occasions. Occasions- I mean Christmas!

This dress is so cute, with pink and laces scream girly all over. Plus Christmas is a time where we gather with family and friends so it is best not to wear too revealing, isn't it? This look like a classy piece and we can easier match it with a simple pair of earring without looking too sloppy or over the top. You can wear this on a girls night out or visiting your boyfriend's for dinner. This is also a great piece for prom if you prefer something that's not too revealing. 

I honestly can't wait for Christmas and all the shopping! You can shop this look at Dress Fashion.


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