Ad: Hello Autumn, Hello Gorgeous Dress

by - 1:21 AM

Hello ladies, how have your autumn been so far? Mine has been pretty bad. I was rushing school assignment and major exams nonstop. I thought I could finally get some rest but as soon as I finished school, I have fallen pretty sick. My fever has been going on and off for weeks and nothing seems to be going well for me. But that's fine, I hope I can recover before Christmas!

Previously I showed a lovely dress I found on Dress Fashion but I know some might be concern about wearing it for Thanksgiving. 

(Pst, I need to hide my food baby and that dress will show all my Thanksgiving food sins please help!)

So I found another lovely dress which I think everyone can wear for Thanksgiving and hide your food baby as well!

A lovely dark blue long skirt should do. It is high-waisted and poofy at the bottom so it is great to hide food baby. Wear it high and time to enjoy all the Turkey and ham! The dark color helps to cover any flaws and make one look slimmer. It is so chic and this piece is so chilled, you can wear it to meet your friends or have your family over. It doesn't scream too fancy or too sloppy which is something very versatile and easy to match. 

I hope this solves all the food baby issues! Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner ladies!


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