Ad: Look forward to Thanksgiving with this look!

by - 1:10 AM

Thanksgiving is that day where you gather with your friends and family to celebrate gratitude. Of course, you have not seen them in ages so you gotta left a deep impression for them to remember. With that, we must set the party code right with an awesome dress.

This is a very fun piece, it shows that you are here to have a good time with family and friends without being too over the top fancy. The dress itself is enough, so some simple minimalistic piece of jewelry will do. This dress gives me the Taylor Swift 2-piece vibe that she always rock. With a little crop top showing off a little opening at the waist area. The tight long skirt shows a classy side, while the bare back crop top shows a little more fun side. The sexy laces add more depth to the dress as well. 

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving holidays! (I've been sick at home for weeks already)


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