Ad: Personalize your shopping trips with AMperkz Lifestyle App

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Ever feel lost in a mall, wandering around aimlessly? There are so many shops in the mall and we are just spoiled for choices on where to begin. I feel you. Often we just shop around aimlessly, and sometimes we even search for customer service just to locate a store.

AsiaMalls knew that pain and recreated a much better and personalized shopping experience for us in all six of their shopping malls. With their free app, AMperkz Lifestyle, shopping is made easier as everything you need could be found in the app. This helps to save time if you are on tight schedule running an errand.

To make the experience more personalized, the app will first survey your needs and wants, catering to your requirement, then you can filter which mall you would like to know more information about.
Their features include rewards, offers, store finder, f&b reservations, e-booking and many more. The app has been constantly updated to ensure customers are satisfied.

Rewards Section
You can earn points for every dollar you spent in any of their 6 malls, simply by scanning the shopping receipts and uploading them to the app. With that, you can convert the points collected into e-vouchers and get discounts off any vouchers available. You can look back at your transaction history too, double win!

Get notified with the latest promotions, discounts and special events with this app.

Car Park Availability
Get real-time updates on the availability of car park lots, that means if the lots are taken, you can just look for nearby neighborhood to park instead of waiting and driving around the mall wasting time. How cool is that?

Reservations made easy
You can start booking restaurant reservations through this app without having the hassle to call or wait in line with the rest of the world who doesn't use this app. Sounds like a VIP move right there!

Recommendation listings
There is a page dedicated to articles whereby they will recommend you the list of stores to shop at and where to get best deals etc. Everyone loves listing so it sure comes in handy. 

Sounds like a useful app, doesn't it? You can download the app from both the AppStore and PlayStore. Start a different shopping experience now!


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