Food Tasting: Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot @ The Grandstand

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Major thanks to Jonathan and Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot for inviting me to try their awesome seafood and porridge! x

As most of us are aware, steam pot has been gaining a lot popularity recently and I have seen it appearing several times on my IG feed. The basic idea of a steam pot is to steam the seafood without losing its original taste and retaining all the goody good essences in the meat so it is way healthier to eat.

I love steaming food, and I regularly steam garden veggies at home. That's why I am aware that steaming not only retain its original flavor, but also brings sweetness. I was not surprise when the meat and veggies tasted very fresh and sweet.

Let's talk about the location. Grandstand has been quite underrated for years. People around my age usually do not visit there but it is not hard to get to. The new blue MRT line has made it easier to access compared to before. I remembered visiting Grandstand once around 3 years back, and I got to switch to a bus and walked for awhile to get there. I don't remember how I got there because someone else brought me there lol but I remember being a little whiny 'cause of all the heat and walking.

The ambiance was alright. There were many people around the time I visited. But it was quite noisy outside the restaurant. I realized there were many activities happening at Grandstand. But the announcer was calling out for missing kid for at least 30 minutes. 

The services provided were great. They steamed the food and kept track of the time for us. They brought out all the food and placed them on a trolley next to our table. I did not even have to cook the food at all, which was pleasantly to my liking.

We ordered the $78 base set for 1-2 person, which comes with porridge (simultaneously cooked in a rice pot at the bottom of the steaming pot), crab, tiger prawns, clams, scallops, sea bass, pork belly slices and veggie platter. 


They used a high speed steaming pot to speed up the process. They also set a timer which will let them know when the food is ready so it wouldn't steam too long and make the food too soggy.

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To make a comparison, you can tell that the veggies did not become darker or off-green as normal stir-fried would make it to be. The pork obviously changed color as it was cooked. But it was not overcooked, leaving it easy to chew. We know overcooked meat tend to be hard to chew.


The fish was actually freshly took out of the tank and was shown to us. This is something very great about this steam pot. In order to appeal to the customers, they have to use really fresh fish to steam and because they steamed it in front of us, we get to see how fresh the fish is. 

photo6194746501025081262 photo6194746501025081265

The crab was very sweet and easy to peel compared to typical black pepper crab we usually eat outside. The clams were a little sandy, which slightly put me off other than that it was great.

photo6194746501025081263 photo6194746501025081261

By the end of everything, the staff will come and stir up the porridge for you. To be honest, the portion was too big for us to finish and we couldn't eat much on the porridge which was such a pity, 'cause all the essences falls down to the bottom of the pot where the porridge has been cooking. 

We've had the Ginseng porridge, which was new, and it was the best choice. It was overloaded with Ginseng, which screams at you that they were generous and you can literally eat the ginseng which was amazing. The ginseng was very strong and the porridge was very flavorful. Even though I was quite stuffed by all the seafood, I still could manage to eat two bowls of porridge. The leftover looked like it could feed another person hence I feel that the overall portion was too big. Or maybe I just have small appetite.

For the price of $78 for such a huge feast, I highly recommend trying it. It is a big yes for me and it is definitely a great place to have a family gathering. It is a 15 mins walk from Sixth Avenue station, and there are many free shuttle bus to get there too. Thanks for the complementary fresh oysters too! 

Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot Restaurant
200 Turf Club, The Grandstand
#01-14 Singapore 287994

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