Cherry Blossom viewing at the Dome

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Flower Dome
Flower Dome Flower Dome

Hi guys! I know it has been awhile since I last posted. I have decided to take a rest from blogging as the college life is really hard to cope with. But I managed to go out once or twice, here and there, to take some nice photos to post here.

Gab brought me to Flower Dome last month since it was my birthday and I was telling him how much I wanted to see the cherry blossoms. If you can't experience it in Japan, you experience it here in a cheaper alternative. 

Though there were nice photos taken, the experience itself was not great at all. I was a little disappointed in the lack of cherry blossoms available in the Dome. I was kind of expecting the entire place to be filled with it, but a small portion of it. 

But that was not it. 

We experienced an ill-mannered crew was who yelling at the crowd and demanding people to move quickly. I went during the late afternoon, so the place was not as crowded. This particular young man working was demanding people to move, and I noticed he selectively demanded people to move. He would target aunties and young men to move. Couple of aunties displayed their frustrations by nagging at the young crew member, to which he literally gave no fucks. He finished yelling at them and moved on to yell at someone else.

We were queuing in line to view the cherry blossoms. Obviously there were photographers taking photos, family taking family photos and younger generations taking selfies. I noticed that he did not yell at those taking photos, but at the people waiting for the ones taking photos to be done so they could take the photos too. This showed how stupid that crew member was. If your lack of patience is causing you to get annoyed, then don't work in this line. 

It didn't affected me until I personally experience his yelling. The crew member was yelling at Gab, demanding him to move when we were blocking anyone's way. We stood aside so the family in front of us could take a better photo. We did not know that the family was going to take forever to snap photos. The attitude given to us were so uncalled for. 

Of course we didn't move, as we were waiting for our turn to take the photos after the family. The ones behind us were patiently waiting as well. But no, the crew member decided to come back to us to yell at us. He even stood behind Gab and yelled at him to move, totally uncalled for. I was pretty sure if I was a drama queen I would say he made me temporary deaf for 10 seconds.

It should be a wonderful experience, but hearing the young man yelling 'MOVE IT!' every 5 seconds put me off so much I just wanted to get out of that place. Worse of all, I was stuck in the queue line with his voice booming loud and clear. 

Then Gab sat down at the ledge to tie his shoelace, to which that particular crew member came up and told him off. Apparently we were not allowed to sit on the ledge. Then what was the ledge build for? I turned to my right and saw a couple of young girls in there 17 to 19, sitting down, resting, giggling and taking tons of selfies. 

Double standard is high on this one.

Anyways, it was super embarrassing that he created an unnecessary scene for us when we just wanted to enjoy viewing some flowers. Gab was in a foul mood until 2 hours later, which spoiled the entire Saturday. We walked pass everyone and left the compound within the next 5 minutes. 

There could be better ways to do crowd control. Such as cutting the queue and only let a number of visitors in before proceeding to let the next batch in. There is no need for the crew member to shout. And he was the only crew member yelling, others were not.

All visitors are paying to see the flowers, including both Gab and I. If this is a free show we would understand. In addition, the traffic was not very crowded, compared to the previous times I was there. So technically there should be no excuse for such behavior from that crew member.

I feedback to Gardens by The Bay. Sadly they just thanked me for the feedback and did not provide me with a followup on the case. I was quite disappointed in their post-customer service as well. To understand, I am not expecting any compensation or free shit given to me, but at least an apology would be decent. No apology for bad attitude by your crew member, and no followup if that guy has been fired or put under any disciplinary actions. Nothing!

I will definitely think twice before revisiting them again. To note that this was not the first time I visit the place and the other times I went, the crew members were fine. Even this time, only this crew member was acting up. Others were fine. 

Many visitors, including foreigners, were disgusted by his behavior. It not only caused the visitors have bad experience, but also ruin the reputation and impression so there's that. 

By the way, if you ever visit the Dome you can look out for the young man if he still working in there. This is the description I gave to them after that day:

"Male, around 1.7m in height, in GBTB staff jacket, black skinny jeans with black colour dr martens shoes. He has side-shaved hair with trimmed fringe, was seen wearing a black framed spectacles."

On good note, I took a couple of decent photos but I got chased and hurried by that crew member. 

Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome Flower Dome

Oh, afterwards we walked to iLight, which was disappointing too. It was quite boring, we walked around and went home after. But we ate tacos for dinner!

Flower Dome Flower Dome

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